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The OverView
Imagine a pond that never needs filter tweaking, no knobs, no baskets, no skimmers....This pond is just that.

Imagine a pond that never needs a water change. Using the CWIC system and free water from the artesian well they installed....No manual water changes.

The water is gorgeous and the fish are healthy. They've even spawned. I want to thank the folks who built my pond and I want to say thanks to BJL Aquascapes for doing the landscaping. Many many thanks.

More soon,

IMAGE: The pond so far

Here's a list of the people who were on site and built my pond.

Ed Beaulieu, Jacob Carter & Tommy Hill (Bobcat), Mark Willoughby, Tony Watkins, "Cutie-John" Stehmeier, Joe "Nice Nips" Butler, Richard Panten, Mark Carter, Jeremy Anders, Lee Vought, Robby Mitchell, John Cenicola, Ryan Singleton, Joe Higginbotham, Dale "Whoa" Vnuk (Backhoe), Eric PondDigger Triplett, Jo Carter, Dan Bitcom (Videographer), Randy Young, Sam Brawner, BJ Linger, Chris "Shu" Tallerico, Mike Heron, David Panten, Andy "Super Scalp" Gundrum, Mike Reagor, Dave Blocksom, Brian Dahle, Ed and Tara Gallagher

Advanced Aquascape™ pond, two-belly design, 6x6 upflow aggregate filter w/ 9,000gph pump feeding falls.
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