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You might have thought you were feeding the best food? Or didn't know which one was best? Here's how to tell!


Pond Location
Full sun? Partial Sun? Shade? You know each has advantages and disadvantages. I chose FULL sun for my big Aquascape pond and I am happy with that. You may make a different choice based on the facts.

I Want to Make My Pond Shallower
So I can catch them and see them better? Well maybe it's a good idea, maybe not....

Is There a Perfect Pond Depth?
What depth should be considered a minimum, or maximum? Why would I choose one over another?

Using Rubber Roofing Liner For Ponds
Some folks are buying roofing rubber underlayment and building ponds with it. And I've seen fish die. Then again, sometimes it's fine...

Rocks in the Pond
If you are about to buy rocks for the sides of your pond, make sure you find out if they will raise, lower or do nothing to pH and other water quality numbers.

Kenzen Koi Food
There's a bunch of people feeding this food and for good reason. It's got a good formulation with a decent price.
Click here

Springtime Cleanout Concepts For Aquascape Pond Owners
The Aqauscape pond, properly maintained with an annual cleanout, is without doubt the easiest ponding experience you can make for yourself. Basically, other than some 'during-the-year' management, cleaning is a BIG once a year deal. But there's mistakes that can be made.

I Made a Discovery Regarding Aquascape Ponds
I did not know how the Aquascape pond worked, NOR did I know how it was INTENDED to be maintained. They turn out to be the simplest pond keeping experience there is. High tech? No, but neither is a donkey and they can get further off road than a Jeep.

So the thing about Aquascape ponds is that they're simple to manage and they bundle up all their serious cleaning to once a year instead of a "little each day". The fish are exposed to natural elements for better and worse. I think they're great for the majority of people but they're not for everyone.

Filtration: Box or Bed?
In the pond (bed), or out of the pond (box) all filters do the same thing. They remove solid material and provide a home for beneficial bacteria to grow. Are gravel filters all bad? Most natural ponds and lakes and streams are engineered this way - good enough for Mother Nature.....Read on

Dr. Johnson and Dr. Conrad Discuss Gravel Ponds
I suppose he wouldn't have one, but at least this man had good questions and a world-view. And I think at the end of the discussion he understood the formfactor. Which is rare because most people are too stupid to try and understand more than one way to do things. Kudos to Dr Conrad.

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Doc's Book
"Koi Health & Disease" my second book title. It's a thick book with Koi and pond fish disease information and "how to" instructions on bringing Koi back to health.
What Is In That Food?
KoiFoods.com is a site that impartially looks at the ingredient lists of various foods. Some are amazing. Some are shite. There's a section in there to help you assess foods the same way.

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