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What's So Special?

Between March 26th and March 30th, 2006 - I had my pond installed... I'd say this is nothing short of "The Pond" because it's a big, big pond - it's 30 foot (conservatively) by 50 foot (conservatively) and uses a Matrix wet dry filtration, and an upwelling wetlands / hydroponic filtration system with pressurized air and water cleanout.

There are two "bellies" or "deep ends" to the design, two pumps on separate, redundant circuits, with four water feeds (at least two of each as I have always preached) so that if one pump AND one circuit were to fail, the other water-movement-method would carry the system onward and sustain the fish (and the filter beneficial bacteria)

The pond and it's creation are so unique, and so novel (perhaps only to me) that I am going to detail its selection and creation in a completely separate web site (to be announced) with step by step photos of the construction so you can see what's involved in making a Matrix wet dry filtration that holds more than two thousand gallons, etc.

Hey, here are a couple of features that are cool about this design:

I'm allowed to be lazier:
I never have to add water to the design, it automatically changes as much water, per-day or per-week as I want - FROM ARTESIAN GROUND WATER. So the water change 'thing' is now completely automated. And, the water is crystal clear, absolutely SAFE and FREE.

I never have to empty a skimmer basket...Using a negative edge, and a wetlands water recovery system, I can let leaves run off the back edge of the pond and accumulate as long as I want AND THEY ARE NOT DOWN IN THE WATER COLUMN TO DECAY -> and every couple months I could (If I felt motivated) go rake off the leaves -

Is it possible to make a pond that requires absolutely no care but looking at it and feeding the fish? ---> Uhhhh - YEAH!

The stone for the installation (Over one hundred and thirty tons) was donated by Pike's Nursery, a Southeastern nursery that's wading into the watergarden business with special thanks to Pike's and Chad Carroll for seeing the wisdom of being part of this unique pond build.

(See a note on Algae Control)

Here's a list of the people who were on site and built my pond.

Ed Beaulieu, Jacob Carter & Tommy Hill (Bobcat), Mark Willoughby, Tony Watkins, "Cutie-John" Stehmeier, Joe "Nice Nips" Butler, Richard Panten, Mark Carter, Jeremy Anders, Lee Vought, Robby Mitchell, John Cenicola, Ryan Singleton, Joe Higginbotham, Dale "Whoa" Vnuk (Backhoe), Eric PondDigger Triplett, Jo Carter, Dan Bitcom (Videographer), Randy Young, Sam Brawner, BJ Linger, Chris "Shu" Tallerico, Mike Heron, David Panten, Andy "Super Scalp" Gundrum, Mike Reagor, Dave Blocksom, Brian Dahle, Ed and Tara Gallagher

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Mardel Clout is safe in tanks and ponds, minimal to no effect on plants and bacteria, safe for scaleless and sensitive fish. Dosing in this website.

So the thing about Aquascape ponds is that they're simple to manage and they bundle up all their serious cleaning to once a year instead of a "little each day". The fish are exposed to natural elements for better and worse. I think they're great for the majority of people but they're not for everyone.

More soon,

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