My philosophy is very simple.

"I will treat your pet as if it was my own, no more, and no less."

"I will give you all your viable options from specialty care and hospitalization, all the way across the spectrum to the "cheapest way out"

Then I will tell you "What I personally would do."

Which is based on:

  1. Reasonable cost
  2. Best probability of satisfactory outcome
  3. Fairest to the pet
  4. Fairest to you
  5. Cutting no corners but indulging no 'extras'

Like my predecessor and mentor Dr Mason, I want my clinic to be clean and not smell like a kennel.

I will not board animals at my clinic because I think it's like going out of town and staying at a hospital, instead of the Marriott. Would you do that?

I do not believe in abusing animals or wrestling them. If the pet CANNOT settle down for regular restraint, I will either suggest a gentle "happy-pill" for next time, or decline the case.

I do not believe in every vaccine or flea control that comes down the pike. I have learned that the drug and vaccine companies operate LARGELY on "demand then supply" terms, which means, unfortunately, that they produce products as a result of consumer (not veterinarian) demand. Currently they are adjuvanting vaccine to last three years, which makes the vaccine pretty ferocious. I won't use it. It's too hard on the immune system. I would rather use a gentle, watery vaccine once a year ...than a Mussolini-Stalinesque vaccine every three. I also resist the idea of costly titers (which could be wrong) every year.

There are so many things to list.....But don't you see they all boil down to WHAT I WOULD DO FOR MY PET?

DRJOHNSON.COM is the homepage for Dr Erik Johnson's online educational outreach program. The site contains articles and information of interest to hobbyists of rather a few different kinds of pets.

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