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Dog pee kills grass. Problem Solved.

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Over at Koibeginner.com I am doing little videos each day on beginner subjects but soon, it will expand. Subscribe there as well. And be informed of positive changes and more videos.

Koi Health - Koivet.comSiamese Fighting Fish - Betta - Proper Care
Keeping bettas healthy is just plain easy but folks sometimes have trouble shortening the learning curve, losing quite a few bettas until someone advises them correctly.

Massive, expanded section
Introducing the massive expansion and a bunch of additional information. Some of you have seen this before but for a lot of you, new Koi and pond fish information.

Information for Koi and pond owners, Dog and Cat people, JVS customers, and more. You will be well rewarded to find your way to the SEARCH page.

The site has movies, downloads, listings and more. Hopefully it will never stop being developed, in the BLOG you will be able to keep up with all the updates and changes.

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I've Got Sick Koi
If you click here or on the green arrow, you will be taken to the main Koi & Pond resources page where you can find all the Koi and Pond Fish articles and downloads.
I've Got a Sick Pet
If your dog or cat is sick, you may need my help directly via JVS, or perhaps reading up in a quick article would help. Either way hit the main dog and cat page

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Johnson Vet Services is located at 3125 Roswelll Road Suite H, Marietta Georgia, 30062. Learn more
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If all you need is to BUY the book click here. If you want to know MORE about it, please click here.
Koi and Pond Diagnostic Lab
If you need to send some samples to a lab for bacterial or viral culture, please use Koilab

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I don't have a business selling domain names but there's ways to lease or use some of mine. Believe me, I can't fill them all!

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