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You might have thought you were feeding the best food? Or didn't know which one was best? Here's how to tell!


Your new fish: How to acclimate some new Koi to your quarantine

Wetlab Presentation: The meat and potatoes of a lab with techniques. Injections, biopsies, etc all described.

The microscope: Wet lab detail of how to use a microscope.

Veterinary Practice Act: What constitutes the practice of vet medicine? Beware

Three year vaccination protocols. There is a bit of science. Otherwise it's been sort of "Hey I heard Ithaca's changed to every three years. Really? I don't want to be uncool. We'll do what they do. But where's the research?

Sponge Filters: The venerable sponge filter. This is what I use in ALL my Q-tanks, tropical fish tanks, anything under 1000 gallons.

Important Concepts: UGA 2007

How I lost 150 pounds in one year: The Clif Bar odyssey

Fish Health, Salt for Retailers: How to use salt in retail environments

Home cooked dog diet with all that kilocalorie and USRDA stuff. It's pretty easy. Based on egg, rice, oatmeal and frozen veggies sawdusted in your Nutribullet.

Dog Diet, Anti-Cancer: Prescribed for one of my clients dogs when it had cancer. Not from me.

Broodstock Health: Health considerations of broodstock - UGA course.

Biological Assessment Form: 2007, A step by step "So you don't forget to check something" assessment you can use to check out some facilities.

USDA SVC Indemnity Document: Ancient document about how and whether the USDA will recompense fish farms when they kill all the fish with SVC.

FISH CASES ARE ALL THE SAME: You handle all fish health cases the same way. Systematically. Here's how.

NAVIGATING A fish disease: Advanced concepts navigating a fish health breakdown.

Newer Document: Basics of Koi Health

Koi Health Top Ten: The top ten things....

Quick Resources at a Glance

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Doc's Book
"Koi Health & Disease" my second book title. It's a thick book with Koi and pond fish disease information and "how to" instructions on bringing Koi back to health.
What Is In That Food?
KoiFoods.com is a site that impartially looks at the ingredient lists of various foods. Some are amazing. Some are shite. There's a section in there to help you assess foods the same way.

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