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We finally found a great tax and accounting service for our business.
In the Townelake Woodstock Kennesaw area, I have to vouch for the accounting and wealth management* we found at Wellingtontax. Don Wellington has helped us out a lot! He's at Wellington Tax and Accounting.

At one time, we had been with a company providing CPA and wealth management services to the Kennesaw and Townelake area, which provides a hands-on and working-closely experience; or that's just what they say. We were with them for several years, and the owner called us not once, not twice, but ZERO times during the whole time we were their accounting customer. More

It's different now, at Wellington Tax and Accounting - with Mr. Wellington I am in direct contact at least once or twice a WEEK. We gave him our payroll business, our bill-paying tasks and our accounting work. He's been great! Talk about hands-on and working closely with us. Amazing, not to mention he's just a nice, soft-spoken fellow.

Here's the team over at Wellington Tax and Accounting:

Donald Wellington - Enrolled Agent
Bethany Garrett - Account Executive
Miriam Hinton - Tax Preparer
Ken Lewis - Tax Preparer

For wealth management services in the Kennesaw / Townelake area I'd probably best-recommend the Hartford. Their performance with investments on the long term is amazing, they're an established and experienced older business, and their attention is team-based (you will always get a call when you need them).

Certainly for taxes in the Kennesaw Townelake area, but also some valuable help and friendly advice on wealth management services*, ask for Don.

Contact Information
Email :
Phone : 770-592-2577
Address :
3595 Canton Road Suite A7
Marietta, GA 30066

I'll let you go, and thanks for a moment of your time!

If you're interested I could share some alternative, former experiences with some really bad CPA wealth management services Kennesaw Townelake area

More about our former accounting firm: When the company's representative to our business retired, the folks over there providing the accounting and wealth management services sprang into action, doing not one, not two, but ZERO services for us.

For over a month we had no attention, and the owner of the business (who prides himself on a hands-on approach) called us, NEVER. We lost thousands, and found our records at their office on TWO different computers, unreconciled and several late and missed returns and filings. In total, Wellington Tax was able to find and reconcile THIRTEEN different defects in the accounting we had that the IRS would consider bona fide malpractice.

We hadn't found a stronghold of accounting and wealth management services in the Kennesaw / Townelake area. What we found in our former accounting service was more like a pup-tent.

So when our former accountant petered out without so much as a phone call from the owner, we turned for help, nay, rescue! To Don Wellington at Wellington Tax. And he saved the day and the year.

*Don does not sell life insurance policies, retirement plan-'products', securities, set up investment protocols or hawk other "products" of a financial nature. His advice to me based on what I could do in the smart distribution of my money based on tax and debt common-sense, and not how I fit in the financial-products mill. Don is not a securities broker and does not hold himself out to be.

This document is neither endorsed by nor recognized by Wellington Tax and is the sole opinion and experience of the author.