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Use of Lantus in Cats
Used for a while in Europe, I decided to use Lantus in cats here in my clinic because I liked how smooth it is, in my own son's diabetes management. It works pretty well in cats and in general, is smooth enough to avoid the crises that sometimes go with other insulins.

Cat Elimination Troubles
Sometimes the cat misses the litter pan. Sometimes it means to!

Cats With Pruritis or Itchy Skin
Itchy cats usually have allergies, and those allergies are usually to fleas and about fifteen other indoor allergens. Often, cortisone is an expedient choice but is not without side effects. Other skin diseases and disorders should be ruled in or out.

Vaccination Recommendations for Cats
Vaccinate your cat every year with an aluminum free vaccine against Rabies, the major respiratories and (if outside or communcally kept) Leukemia vaccine. Other guides provided.

Kitten Care
Some guidelines and basics for the proper care and acclimation of a new kitten to your home. It's pretty easy, but there's a few things to do in order to ensure success.

Ringworm In Cats - Feline Fungal Infections
Not too common but still seen every month in a busy practice, feline ringworm can infect people, and is relatively easy to treat in cats. Common problem in crowded, poorly ventilated cat-breeder facilities and less so in residences.

Catbox Trouble! Cats with Innapropriate Elimination Trouble
Cats sometimes start to void outside the litter pan. Sometimes a simple solution like Catnip is all it takes (fresh from the gardencenter) and other times there's a "process".

Declawing Cats and Why PETA Members Want to Kill Us All
If you're "for" declawing, and you say as much, members of PETA will send you notes ranting about how you should die with your eyes open. PETA members said they wanted to kill my children! (Oh those kookie PETAns) Anyway, they outlawed cat delcaw in California, for a minute, and a LOT of kittens died because people would not take them with claws. For some, a necessary part of having cats in your home. What you should know about declaw and the alternatives.

Weight Loss in Cats - Feline Bariatrics
Simple, low calorie food fed twice per day in limited quantities with absolutely NO grazing.

Cat Snuffles - Feline Upper Respiratory Sinusitis
The key is early intervention, identifying seasonal and allergic contributions and keep the sniffer working. If they have a fever or can't smell food, they don't eat and THAT really matters!

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