Exotic Animals

African Spur Thigh Tortoises
Them's babies so kootttt!!!!! I had a few of these babies. They grow an inch per month on low protein pellets, alfalfa, fiber rich salads and full spectrum lighting.

Cockatiels are becoming perhaps the most popular pet-bird in North America. Reasons for this include the fact that they out-live, and out-love the less intelligent and less affectionate Budgerigars and Canaries.

Bunnies and Rabbits
The pet ones, are great pets. The wild ones, are hard to keep. The babies of the wild ones are VERY hard to sustain but it can be done.

Crayfish or Crawdads
Have always been fun for me to keep. They are so cool to watch feed and forage. Crayfish should be cared for exactly as you would tropical fish, however, you do not need an aquarium heater.

Hatchling geochelone denticulata (Yellow Foot Tortoises)
I bought up a few of these big adult Yellowfoots and put them together in a breeding colony. Lots of work, lots of salads and space but we got eggs and eventually babies.

Land Hermit Crabs as Pets
Totally cool critters and actually, easy to keep as pets. Peanut Butter and dry dog food plus a little cup of salt and then, some fresh water - all good. But they die when they moult. Which for small ones is every 3 months. Is there a way to avoid that? Yup.

Baby Green Iguanas
I love these. They, too, grow an inch a month to maturity, if you're doing it right. They need low protein pellets, fiber rich salads and full spectrum lighting and next thing you know they're ripping your arms to shreds with their enormous squirrel claws....

Yellowfoot Tortoise Egg Incubator
This is a pan-shot of the 15 gallon aquarium I modified into an incubator. A thermometer over the water bath shows 82-87 degrees.

Spotted Turtles
These are related to bog turtles (clemmys) and they are getting rare, if not endangered. Spots eat best in the water. They will take any form of insect except hard bodied beetles. They prefer prepared foods in captivity; they're perfectly happy to take prepared Koi and Goldfish foods from the water's surface, and do very well on this.

White's Tree Frogs
They have been called "Dumpy Frogs" too - they're big blobby green frogs and they're adorable. I found a way to keep them on water so their environment would be very very clean. Works well.

Wood Turtles
I was very lucky to get one of these, once. It was pretty cool but where I expected agile intelligence in its eyes, it was just like any other turtle. But cooler.

Yellow Foot Tortoises Adults for Breeding Colony
Ya'll might remember when "Elmo" was painted on the front of my clinic....What a cool turtle. He was 'daddy' to a clutch of eggs before he finally died from a lifetime of nothing but Squash to eat. They need better than that.

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