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Epilepsy in Dogs - For Veterinarians
I was doing a review of the literature and made these notes on management of refractory epilepsy cases.

Dental Conditions and Rotten Teeth in Dogs
Not only do rotten teeth stink, and hurt, and spread infection to the bloodstream and airway, I get grossed out by how it must TASTE. What you should know about dental prophy.

Euthanasia in Dogs & Cats, Putting a Dog to Sleep
When your dog approaches "pitiful" when it's just a downhill slide, when they disengage, can't sleep or cry all night. When they won't eat, and when they are afraid because of the loss of so many faculties...

Heartworm Disease in Dogs
This WOULD be an article on heartworms in cats, except I did not see either case of cat heartworm disease that spawned the launch of that marketing bonanza. In dogs, however, heartworms kill a LOT of animals. But it's totally preventable.

Canine Lyme's Disease
Not every dog exposed to Lyme's Disease gets the disease or has symptoms, same as people. Why don't they have a vaccine for people? What does that tell you? Anyway, here's the basics on Lyme's.

Canine Otitis Externa, Ear Infections (Different Article)
Ear infections in dogs are sometimes chronic. Read about ear infections and how they're caused, how they're treated and prevented.

Parvo Virus In Dogs
Parvovirus jumped from cats in the seventies. It will cause vomiting and diarrhea in vulnerable dogs, sometimes killing them. Thankfully there's a vaccine that works. And some good treatments.

Woot! It's Whelping Time! Time to Give Birth To Puppies!
Pregnant dogs need special care and when it's time to deliver, sometimes the best advice is go out to dinnner. Here's why and how.

Pruritis or Itching in Dogs
A great number of dogs have itchy skins. Interestingly, more INDOOR dogs on premium diets have itchy skins, than outdoor dogs fed normal diets. Makes you wonder what they're ACTUALLY allergic to.

Puppy Safety
Puppies get into trouble of course, and there's some things you can't prevent, but there's a lot you can. Avoid the mistakes I'm documenting in this article!

ParvoVirus In Dogs - A Second Article
Parvovirus and some treatments you should consider.

Neutering "Fixing" A Male Dog
I can't imagine NOT doing that. Oh, having nothing to do with the overpopulation problem, but the dog's health and mental wellness. Imagine being kept up for years and years without a girlfriend? No wonder some dogs (and pet Chimpanzees) go on rampages! Neutering also prevents prostate trouble.

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