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Alternative Medicine in Companion Animals
Legitimate veterinary chiropractors and accupuncturists probably can't stand some of the chicanery going on in this field of medicine. The good and the bad.

Giardia in Dogs and Cats
Far more common than I ever thought, up to 20-30% of normal dogs and cats may carry Giardia. Not everyone or every pet with Giardia shows ANY symptoms. Other times, it's serious.

Ear Trouble in Dogs & Cats
Ear trouble in dogs, especially, can result in chronic infections. One of the best combinations is Otomax, followed by BuroCort. They work two different ways. This, of course, after we know what's wrong with the ears!

Euthanasia in Dogs & Cats, Putting a Dog to Sleep
When your dog approaches "pitiful" when it's just a downhill slide, when they disengage, can't sleep or cry all night. When they won't eat, and when they are afraid because of the loss of so many faculties...

Three Year Vaccine Cycles
Another "fad" started by mainstream journalists, this information is WILDLY out of context, will risk animal lives, and is even being brought to bear on cats which don't have the immune system of the dog. Oh, my, god.

Dental Cleanings For Pets
It's general anesthesia but then too, it's the twentieth century and animal loss under anesthesia is all but gone. Well, done right anyway.

Flea Control
I am so glad we didn't just go nuts recommending Revolution! Care should be taken that manufacturer's field trials don't impact my good customers' pets. The not-so-good ones who buy online can let me know what kills and what doesn't. Otherwise, count on finding tested and proven flea control that is NOT counterfeit, in my office.

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