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These movies will be viewable on most computers and are free to download. They are in a format that most Windows and Mac machines can play. They run about 12 MB each and may take forever to download on dial up. However, on broadband they are quick. I don't care if you burn them to a USB drive or CD and share them at Koi club meetings, whatever. If you go selling them to people while I am giving them away for free; I will come and beat you up. These are here so you can see what the bugs look like under the microscope, for those of you who are about to learn how to use one. I made all the video you're about to see and put it together. In this series there's no narrative. Just music La La la!

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Fluke Video
Flukes or trematodes are common on Koi and goldfish and can cause a lot of flashing, and sores. They claw the fish with their hooks or haptens and these hooks can sometimes carry the bacteria responsible for Ulcer Disease. So, identifying and clearing flukes is a Good Thing. Remember, they are STRETCHY. If you see a "wormy" thing that is NOT STRETCHY then it is NOT a fluke. Flukes can best be treated with Praziquantel. Get it at

Costia Video
Costia is one of the smallest parasites you will look for. In the downloads section you can find a document with the "relative sizes" of all the parasites, compared to each other. Anyway, Costia is LITTLE. Little silver commas....Treated with Formalin as well as several other compounds, depending on the presence or absence of plants. Here's some video of what they look like.

Trichodina Movie
Trichodina looks a little like a flying saucer. For those of you have not seen a flying saucer, maybe it looks like a hub cap or even a wagon wheel. Anyway it moves right a long and is very active. They cause scratching and flashing in fish, and this parasite has no trouble working on fish in extremely cold water. Cleared usually with salt, formalin OR potassium permanganate.

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Ich Movie
"Ich" or Ichthyophthirius multifilis was also called White spot. On Koi, you will hardly ever see actual white spots, but the organisms is nonetheless COMMON. "Winter Scald" sometimes occurs in coldwater Koi in the Fall - baby fish die en masse with gill damage in warmer water....Ich is easy to clear with salt but be careful of your plants.

Chilodonella Movie
Chilodonella is shaped like an onion, a man's ear. It spins on one end. It is mobile, but not terribly fast. This video is about 13-14 MB and is very decent of Chilodonella. Chilodonella is a quick-killer in the Springtime, works with Costia to kill fish doubletime. It's pretty easily cleared with SALT at 0.3% as described in this site.

Argulus Movie
This parasite is easily visible with your plain old eye. It's about 1/4 inch in diameter and is usually green or tan in color. Looks like a little saucer or when it's on the fish, it looks like a little green freckle. This parasite clears in a few days after you apply a chitin synthesis inhibiitor like Jungle's Anchors Away, API's Dimilin, Uniroyal Dimilin or Express IDI.

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The Necropsy Video 2009
This video was 255MB in it's DVI quality. I had to size it down to 320 x 120 in order to afford the bandwidth and make it feasibly downloadable. So, now in it's "mini" form, it's 12 MB - Perhaps there would someday be a way to upsize it. In the meantime it demonstrates (title narrative but no voice narrative) most every process in the examination of a sick fish, and sample collection from all the major organs.
This is a bloody, GRAPHIC video. Do NOT click the green arrow unless you are prepared to see Koi blood and internals. Do NOT contact me all upset about a necropsy on a fish for a video you got for free and which was meant to educate. Do NOT assume that YOU specifically are the intended consumer of this video. If you want to see a Koi necropsy, please proceed.

I do plan to put more videos up - but time's limited and I have to get so much other parts of the site up before I come back to this. I sure hope some of you will be spending a few bucks with - Ted's dollars pay for this site mostly.

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