Koi Herpes Virus Diagnostics
So, for a diagnosis of KHV you could run up to three tests. In this article they're described and you can send samples to to have them run.

Koi Herpes Virus Treatment
Use this information at your own risk. The clinical outcome should be consistent with the last five years of experience, however, infectious carriers have not been proven or disproven, but it sure saves fish!

Koi Herpes Virus - Signs, Symptoms and Typical Case
A controversial suggestion on how to attack the virus is presented at the end but there's a list of clinical signs of Koi Herpes Virus, as well as an outline of the most common presenting signs in the usual case.

Are You Sure You Want SVC Testing?
If your fish have SVC, (Spring Viremia of Carp) APHIS will kill them all, and quarantine your pond. They may indemnify you, however, there was never any money allocated for this. I recommend NOT testing or permitting testing, for SVC. The disease is VERY common in the US (almost endemic) and accounts for dozens of fish deaths each year. Yes, probably dozens.

A Koi Herpes Virus Study We Should Arrange
The Israelis stopped KHV infections with heat and had to REINFECT the fish. Why can't anyone see the OBVIOUS in this? Here's a study that would prove every concept AND obviate the need for a million-dollar KHV vaccine!

Good GOD Yet Another Article on KHV!
I don't even know what's IN this one. There are so many in this web site!

A Beginner's Overview of Koi Herpes Virus
A very basic description of the virus, what it actually IS and how it spreads plus an idea on treatment. This is my most basic approach to the subject.

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