Buying A New Fish
What to look for, how to establish whether a dealer is doing it right, and how to try and assess if a fish is basically healthy. No substitute for quarantine but sure increases the quality of the purchase!

Freshwater Clams?
I enjoy them in fish tanks but the tanks have to have stuff in the water for the Clams to eat. Koi do a good job of suspending that "stuff" but they also eat small clams!

Finding a Fish Vet
A listing of fish vets who indicated (at some time or another) an interest in treating Koi and Pond fish.

Tadpoles in your pond might be cool - they might also use valuable resources, even clog your pump or filter. How might one get rid of tadpoles?

Herons and Predator Control
Anyone who says your pond should be deep to prevent predators is stupid. Big statement huh? Well, River Otters don't care if the pond is 10 feet deep and neither do Pelicans and Cormorants. Deep ponds don't matter. Herons just SUCK and they're not too easy to get rid of either. Here's why.

Koi and Goldfish Surgery Discussed and Described
I've been doing fish surgery for about ten to twelve years. There's about a 50% success rate because so many cases are sent for surgery when it's "too late" and the fish has losts too much condition....

Quick Resources at a Glance

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Doc's Book
"Koi Health & Disease" my second book title. It's a thick book with Koi and pond fish disease information and "how to" instructions on bringing Koi back to health. Digital copy from iTunes and Barnes & Noble with instant delivery, HALF the cover price.
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I don't have a business selling domain names but there's ways to lease or use some of mine. Believe me, I can't fill them all!

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