Buying Koi In Little Japan
There's a place in California where you can visit like, SEVEN major Koi importers. I'm talking about operations large enough to handle wholesale and retail, moving a thousand or more fish from Japan a year. When you can go ONE place and visit seven vendors, it's exciting. Read on. They're listed.

Manual of Koi Health With "Step by Step" Recipe For Wellness
This may be the only fish health book out there that's written for the regular person instead of the scientist. Lacking nothing in depth and accuracy, it's presented simply enough for almost anyone to use.

Koi Varieties "Chagoi" Perhaps My Favorite Koi Type or Classification
"Chagoi" is the cinnamon colored, dark brown or olive green Koi. They're large and in-charge, friendly and sometimes, expensive. What's the difference between this and a plain brown carp?

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I don't have a business selling domain names but there's ways to lease or use some of mine. Believe me, I can't fill them all!

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